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Andreas Kloft’s latest news

Information about the tip Massy -8.5


I made a mistake in the tip Massy -8.5 because I wanted to write Vannes -8.5 at 1.84. It was obvious according to the analysis and the odds of the line but in spite of being won (Vannes won by huge margin) we graded like a void. The most important thing is that I will not make any more. I promise.

My first month in negative, January 2017 (due to bad luck), after 14 months in positive in a row.


After 14 months in positive in a row I got in negative. Honestly I do reckon that the main reason was the bad luck, for this reason I am going to write about facts not words.

1.       Sale Sharks -40.00. We lost by just 3 points with 4 missed converted tries (8 points) something that I still can not understand because there were not difficult for the kickers. To make matter worse Sale got more chances to score more tries. We lost 100 units in spite of deserving winning 300 units. All together 400 units.

2.       Aurillac +9.5. It is always the same story for the simple reason and we really deserved to win this tip. Aurillac deserved to cover the handicap and if you check the whole game because we lost in last minute with a try plus conversion goal.  We lost 95 units all together.

3.       Dax -8.5 We lost just by 1 point in spite of playing with better perfomance and deserving to win by doublé digit. I got the chance to publish -7.5 but I do care for my clients and for this reason I never post early tips (unfortunately many tipster are publishing early tips) and I always publish in the same day. We lost 95 units all together.

4.       Angouleme -9.5. We lost just by 1 point and we really deserved to without any doubt after the perfomance of both teams. I got the chance to publish -8.5 but I always publish the average line. We lost all together 90 units.

5.       Aurillac -4,5 We lost just by 2 points in spite of Aurillac to win by at least one converted try. I got the chance to post -2.5 but I the average line was -4.5. We lost 90 units.


On the other side of the coin, we won the most of the tips without any problem and with a wide margin of points.


By the way of conclusion, one first month in negative after 14 months has been due to bad luck, specifically, with objective data as I have just demonstrated. In summary. 770 units.


Let me finish by saying that the important thing is how it ends for this reason, I can assure you that anyone who stays with me will end the year with double digits of yield. I promise because I have had many years of experience betting on rugby and every year I have always won the bookmakers.

Review 2016


2016 have been a perfect with all the months in positive and the majority of them with double digit of Yield. You have to take into account that the most important factor in betting is yield, for this reason I am so proud of my method.

You have to pay attention to February 46.95%, March 34.31%, May 49.77%, July 31.29%, August 91.20%, October 20.68%, November 61.28% and December 12.98% of yield in each month.

Another point to take into account is that the most of the tips have been in Pinnacle, always  in the same day with high amount of liquity. It is extremely relevant to know this detail because unfortunately the mayority of the rugby tipster posted early tips with small amount of liquidity and then they are helping bookmakers instead of helping their customers. It is a shame but it is truth. In my case, I NEVER post any early tips.

I will continue working hard during 2017 in order to have an average double digit of yield in 2017.