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France, Rugby Union, England

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Rugby is a special sport, stats are important but you can't just "bet by numbers" because of the way the bookies establish their lines. In this sport the form of both player and team are vitally important. For each team there are 15 players on the field plus the bench so it is very important to be up to date with the team news. I watch as many matches as I can because I find that I can pick up a lot of information just by watching a game, things that aren't covered by pure stats. The ability of each player in certain positions is important information in case the coach decides to switch players around, some players thrive in that kind of situation, others don't do so well. The weather is an important factor to consider as well, it can significantly affect the development of a match. To sum up, the target of every tipster is to find value, therefore my strategy is based 20% on statistics and 80% on other factors, many of which I have already outlined. The last part of my strategy is bank management, for the simple reason that it is key to making money long term. Every tipster will go through a bad run of consecutive losses, but if you haven't managed your money properly then you are going to find it hard to succeed in this world. I would say that 95% of people who lose money at the bookies do so because of poor money management.


I've been betting professionally for the last 7 years and have found that if you want to make money consistently and with some stability then you have to learn to specialize. For that reason I decided to focus on rugby, the sport that I have loved since childhood. I've got friends and family who have played rugby all their lives (not professionally) and I have them to thank for introducing me to the sport at an early age. It's the knowledge I've picked up since then that allows me to be successful in making my selections. There are two key requirements that I have found aid successful betting The first is gathering as much information as possible and using it the right way, the second is good bank management. My background in Economics has certainly helped my betting career a lot because I took the skills from that arena and applied it to creating a system based on statistical data. That isn't the whole story though as betting on stats alone will eventually lead to losses. Why? The bookies also know all about the stats and they use them to establish their lines. As we all know, when you play the bookies game, they eventually end up the winners. In order to really profit medium and long term, you have to find an extra edge and in my case that is knowing as many of the finer details as I can. That, combined with experience gained through years of research and watching matches, gives me the edge I need to win consistently.


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